Saturday, April 4, 2009


"As long as I'm not hurting anyone,it's alright not to smile"
she said as she lowered her head in shame and cried through the night
I cling coldly as I start to freeze.
Umbrella don't exist in this reality of never ending rain
"To live is to fight"
For precisely that reason, I keep them hidden away
Beyond your tears, that brilliance you see
Is the blue sky from back then reflected in a tiny window
Ah, but I can't fly like a bird.
The pain you feel when you hurt someone
I closed my eyes and wept, so I wouldn't forget it.

Some song that makes me really thinking...hurrmm

Trust You

The wind make the flower dance,
The rain moisturizes the earth,
Everything in this world depends on each other to survive.
Why do people hurt each other?
Why are there seperation?
Even if you travel far away,
You will always remain right here in my heart
My heart will always be filled by that gentle smile of yours.
I hang on tightly to that fragment of you.
Even I felt hurt,
We are still connected together
I believe that
We will meet again.
I'm waiting for your love
I love you
I trust you
I want to share your loneliness
I love you
I trust you
Be it the light or the darkness
We can trust each other if it's only the two of us
No, don't let go.